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Huawei ban to slow down 5G rollout, raise prices

Tech companies f have told their employees to stop talking with Huawei counterparts, at least on topics such as technology and technical standards. Reuters reports that employers like Intel, Qualcomm, InterDigital Wireless and the carrier LG Uplus have restricted employees from having informal conversations during international meetings and conferences.

According to some insiders, both Intel and Qualcomm have provided “compliance instructions” to their employees, but declined to reveal details about the memos. LG Uplus official was quoted, that the company is “voluntarily refraining from interacting with Huawei workers”, while a Nokia exec confirmed that offline conversations were documented during a 3GPP meeting last week.

Analysts commented such hostility would slow down the rollout of 5G networks. An unnamed representative from Europe, involved in 5G development, said such actions are pushing everyone to their own corners, effectively hampering next-gen evolution.

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